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Thai basil tea

Thai Basil Tea

A fresh tea that can be drunk well in both summer and winter and gives a lot of satisfaction. The Thai basil has an aniseed flavor with the cardamon adding a little extra. It refreshes the body and the herbs give you a wholesome feeling.


  • Rip the basil leaves to release the oil from the leaves and place them in a teapot or tea strainer.
  • Cut the cardamom seeds in half and add them to the basil leaves.
  • Bring water just to the boil and let it cool down a bit, if you use strong boiling water there is a chance that the herbs will burn
  • Add the boiled water and let the tea steep as desired.
  • Remove the basil leaves and cardamom from the teapot using a strainer and serve while the tea is still warm.

Enjoy your drink

This Thai tea is a herbal tea made from fresh herbs without additives so that the herbs can work unimpeded. The Thai basil tea is a strong but calming tea. Ideal after a busy day. If you feel a bit flu or if you can use some extra resistance, add a lemon slice to the tea as an extra.

Thai basil tea



  • 3 Leaves of Thai basil
  • 2 Seeds of cardamom

  :  5 min
  : 10 min