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Fruit broth

Fruit broth

The secret behind the real Chinese tomato soup and Foe Yong Hai, fruit broth. Quite simple to make and without stock cubes, completely fresh.


  • Put the water in a pan and bring to the boil
  • Rinse the apple and cut the apple into wedges (do not peel)
  • Wash the orange well and cut it in half and make some slits in it (do not peel)
  • Cut the celery sticks into pieces and do the same with the ginger
  • When the water boils, put the apple pieces, orange, celery and ginger in the water
  • Now let it cook for about 15 to 30 minutes until the apple and orange are completely soft
  • Remove the fruit, celery and ginger
  • You now have a ready to use authentic Chinese fruit stock.

Enjoy your dinner!

This simple but tasty and fragrant Chinese fruit broth gives the authentic sweet and sour taste to sauces and soups. Mix a little of this broth with cornstarch, chilli peppers, sucker and garlic and heat it up to make a delicious sweet and sour sauce for your spring rolls or any other meal. You can use the fruit stock right away or freeze it for later use.

Fruit broth

  • 1.3 l Water
  • 1 Large orange
  • 1 Large apple
  • 3 Stalks celery
  • 1 cm Ginger

  :  35 min
  : 30 min

Chinese tomato soup
Chinese tomato soup
Foe Yong Hai
Foe Yong Hai